Logan Stout’s IDLife Announces A Strategic Business Partnership With Garmin International

IDLife LLC has announced a business partnership with Garmin International Inc. The partnership will see customers of the health and wellness company having easy access to Garmin products, including Garmin IndexTM Smart Scale and a line of vivo activity trackers. Garmin International Inc. is a unit of Garmin LTD. The company develops wearable technology. The purchases will be made directly from IDLife’s website, IDLife.com. Logan Stout, IDLife’s founder and CEO, made the announcement.

IDLife’s clients will also enjoy full integration of Garmin wearable data into their IDWellness mobile app. The integration is expected to be completed in the next few months. This service will provide customers with a unique opportunity to efficiently manage their health and wellness from a single platform. The partnership will promote both companies’ businesses.

IDLife focuses on helping people with their quest to enjoy healthy lifestyles. The company achieves this objective by providing them with the best-customized vitamins and nutritional products. The quality of the products has ensured that the firm’s clients experience results that are lasting.

Through its recently launched IDLife Experience, the company has developed three steps to help the public stay healthy. The clients of IDLife will be able to monitor each of the procedures daily.

The partnership between IDLife and Garmin was enabled by the two organizations’ belief in the fact that being healthy is not just based on what the scale says, but being able to lead a healthy lifestyle. Garmin’s Index Smart Scale is an example of a product that focuses on the well being of its clients. Besides displaying one’s weight, the product provides vast information such as body mass index (BMI), water percentage, body fat, and skeletal muscle mass. The device is Wi-Fi enabled.

About Logan Stout
Logan Stout is a shrewd entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and renowned author. Logan is a former professional athlete. He has appeared in the World Series as a player and coach. The alumnus of the celebrated University of Dallas graduated with a degree in business and psychology.

Logan Stout has vast experience in starting and running successful businesses. He is also the founder and CEO of Dallas Patriots Inc. and premier Baseball Academy. In 2013, Logan incorporated Defining Success. His insights have been featured on leading publications such as the New York Times, Philadelphia Life Magazine and The Dallas Morning News.

Richard Mishaan Designs that Have a Touch of Style and Luxury

Richard Mishaan Design is the brainchild of a Colombian with over 20 years of experience in architectural design. He is a world leading interior designer whose clients’ include hospitals, residential, and commercial customers. He has the ability to mix an old console and a contemporary sculpture to give a beautiful collection. This is evident in his apartment in Manhattan that is full of the museum type of art and fine furniture. Richard Mishaan’s secret is to have freedom on how to place decoration and not to follow how the design dictates. He also says that the uniqueness of his designs comes from customizing themes according to client needs.


For his high profiled clients, he uses distinctive art like a sculpture in the library or a lovely painting by Donald Baechler. His living room has a beautiful bronze chair with Eric Shmitt heart-shaped back. His work stands out because he likes to discover decorations and knows exactly where to place them. Richard believes that to come up with eye-catching decorations, one has to think big while decorating. You float the furniture’s in the room, for the chairs you get low ones so that they can open up the room. You can give the room a lift by painting the walls with warm colors and lastly you split the room using two tables instead of on one coffee table.


Richard Mishaan was born in Cartagena, Colombia and he was raised in Italy, he moved to New York in 1978 and had getaways at Cartagen. His career debuted when he had an apprenticeship in Philip Johnsons’ office. He later graduated from the New York University in BA and did his architect course in Columbia University School of Architecture. Richard Mishaans’ company has been known to produce some of the best innovative designs in; retail projects, residential, and hotels. He has also written books like Artfully Modern that was released in 2014 and Modern Luxury which were both published by Monacelli Press.


Richard Mishaan inspiration is from Colombians’ rich heritage that has a lot of influence in his career. His knowledge in architecture, interior design, fashion, and deep cultural roots is what gives a touch of the rich and stylistically designs.

His twitter and instagram are full of amazing designs, idea worthy to pursue in your own home. There is always inspiration out there for any space, and Mishaan brings beautifully contrasting colors and ideas to life.



The Legend of Richard Blair

In the world of investing, it remains pertinent for clients to understand their investment in its entirety. One bad decision could result in financial chaos. Therefore, clients need to garner as much advance as they possibly can. Failure to do so remains futile. Moreover, numerous companies exist offering such services. However, few remain as credible as Wealth Solutions. For those unaware, Wealth Solutions remains an investment firm dedicated to providing financial advice to its customers. To remain exact, the company offers services pertaining to financial planning. Moreover, it remains a company that provides financial planning to numerous business entities. Whether a wealthy family or an individual, the company opens its doors to everyone.


In particular, the company caters primarily to Texas-based businesses. Moreover, a company of this magnitude would not remain successful without a good leader. With that being said, the company remains founded by Richard Blair. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions remains an esteemed businessman. Due to such skill and a tireless work ethic, Richard remains an outright boss. For years, he led the company into a prosperous territory. Moreover, Blair remains as accomplished as ever. With over two decades of experience under his belt, Blair truly knows how to conduct business. Moreover, Richard Blair remains a duly registered financial advisor.


Also, he specializes in the finance industry. As the financial market fluctuates, Wealth Solutions has managed to remain relatively unfazed. Moreover, the company remains a firm believer that their financial services possess the ability to change and adapt to such circumstances. Moreover, the firm has always sought an opportunity to provide comprehensive and segmented solutions regarding an investment. Furthermore, these solutions remain rooted in helping clients keep their risks to a minimum. Moreover, it allows clients to reap the reward of a return on their investment.


Also, Wealth Solutions understands the primary goals of people who remain planning for retirement. Moreover, the company recognizes such an important phase in their life. For the most part, clients remained focused on saving their wealth. Therefore, most them create a reliable income stream for their family’s future. As a result, Wealth Solutions remains focused on helping their clients devise a strategic monetary plan that will secure their financial future. Without the vision of Richard Blair, this company would have never existed. Moreover, he created this firm with the sole intention of creating a positive change in the lives of its clients.



Dick DeVos and Family Rated Top American Philanthropists

Dick DeVos was born and brought up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His parents are Richard and Helen DeVos. His father co-founded Amway along with Jay Van Andel and also became the owner of the Orlando Magic basketball franchise. Dick became the CEO of Amway’s consumer goods distribution in 1993 and remained in that position until 2002. Dick’s wife is the new Secretary for Education in the Donald Trump administration. Dick and Betsy DeVos have four children named Ryan, Richard, Andrea and Elisabeth. Dick’s early education was through the public school systems in Forest Hill. He also earned a degree in Business Administration from Northwood University.


The Life and Workings of Dick DeVos


Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos whose net worth is at $5 billion. Dick’s father is the founder of Amway, a multi-level marketing company that generated more than $9 billion in revenue in 2016. Since the 1970’s Dick worked at Amway becoming the Vice President of the company in 1984. His father has also invested in sports and purchased the Orlando Magic franchise in 1991 with dick becoming the President and CEO of the franchise. Dick also became the president of Amway and was in that position for two years. He then moved to The Windquest Group as President after retiring from Alticor. The Windquest Group is an investment management company. Dick DeVos is also very involved in the political scene and was the Republican Party’s nominee for the post of governor in 2006. Dick, however, lost the race to incumbent Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm.


The Charitable Work of Dick DeVos


The charitable work of Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy is well documented and has reached milestone levels. He and his wife are the founders of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The foundation has made donations in the thousands of dollars to different causes but more specifically in areas of religion, education, civic, and artistic groups. He and his wife are believed to have made lifetime charitable contributions that add up to almost $140 million. In 2015, they made charitable contributions totaling to about $11.6 million, and the family including Dick’s father are high up on the list of America’s top givers.


Breaking Down the Donations of Dick DeVos


The couple has prioritized giving towards education and donated more than $3 million to educational causes in 2015. They also make their contributions to art and culture and contributed about $2.5 million to this cause in 2015. Public communities, leadership and development, public policy, health and human service, and churches also received a huge percentage of their donations. The couple never places limitations on how recipients use the donations that they make. The couple believes they could do much more and children also play a huge role in their charitable work.


EOS Sustainable Strategies

Having supple, healthy looking lips is something that every woman aspires to have. Not only does it make you the envy of every woman, but it also boosts your confidence in addition to making you appear hygienically conscious. To prevent dry and chapping lips, it is important that you get a great lip balm. If you have tried a number of brands but cannot get a lip balm that suits your lips and at the same time matches your style, then you haven’t tried Evolution of Smooth lip balms. https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm.html

EOS lip balms are a must have for every woman. They are made with you in mind. They are not anything like the regular Chapsticks that you would find in drug stores. The lip balms come in pretty stylish orbs with varying colors. They have managed to overshadow brands that dominated the lip balm industry for years and this is how they did it.

When EOS lip balm company founders decided to venture in this industry they had to first do their research. They wanted to come up with a product that would stand the test of time. Innovation is key here. They didn’t want to just be a small improvement of the already existing lip balms. When they started their research, they found that no lip balm had been sensitive to all the five senses. So the employed a clay artist to try different shapes until he came up with the perfect shape. Next, they attended exhibitions to find a brilliant engineer to do their equipment. They did not want to rely on third-party as this would limit their productivity. Lastly, they employed sales persons to do their Facebook and social media marketing. They also used models to market their products and make people believe in the supremacy of their products.

The U.S. Money Reserve Encourages Use on USMoneyReserve.com

The U.S. Money Reserve has announced that it has a brand new website to show off its presence on the internet. The website is USMoneyReserve.com. The new website features an elegant design used to showcase how they are the leader in the precious metals industry. They also focus on customer service and how they are committed to giving the customers the best experience possible.

They are also committed to having a broad trust agreement with all of their customers. They have pictures of Philip N. Diehl who is the president as well as a new coin photo gallery. With the creation of the new site, they are hoping to show the benefit of owning government issued gold and precious metals and hope to increase people investing in these ventures.

Ryan Buchanan, the vice president of Brand and Creative stated that they have a fully responsive tool that allows them to create quality content and offer the best precious metals right through their website. Buchanan oversaw the redesign which will help make purchasing easier as well as help to educate consumers.

The online shop is providing live pricing on bullion and bars as well as offering PCGS certified coins. Customers can also sign up for a free gold information kit that will help them to decide whether or not they want to purchase gold, silver or coins.

The site also features the use of the Client-Connect Advantage. This allows the U.S. Money Reserve to contact clients for purchasing assistance, secure offline transactions, special offline releases and one on one consultation.

They also offer a BuyBack Guarantee which is well known as one of the best return policies. If a customer is unhappy with a coin, they can return it for full market value within 30 days. They also have insured shipping which makes this a popular choice for customers.

What is the U.S. Money Reserve?

According to Crunchbase, the U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest government distributors of gold, silver and platinum that is government issued by the United States. It was founded in 2001 and is known as the largest private distributors of gold, silver and platinum.

U.S. Money Reserve has a uniquely trained team that helps in coin research and other research into the market. The company goes above the standard and is well sought after by customers all over the world. The company is based in Austin, Texas.

Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve: https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/blog/

UKV PLC, The Ultimate Solution For Wine And Champagne Seekers

UKV PLC is an independent wine company in the United Kingdom. The company has consultants who guide customers when they are selecting their preferred wine and champagne depending on the occasion. When UKV is looking for a rare type of wine or champagne, the company works together with merchants, traders, and brokers to acquire source and draw stocks.

UKV’s leading business entails acquisition, supply, and sale of bonded fine champagne as well as wine. The company undertakes the above action through trading on behalf of trade clients and private individuals. UKV supplies wines and champagne for consumption or investment purposes. Furthermore, for those individuals who want to sell investment grade wine, the company offers them brokerage services.

UKV’s consultants are readily available to serve customers. For instance, if you wish to discuss your wine requirement, the company’s consultant will call you and give the available wine options. Further, for those who want a face-to-face meeting, UKV PLC invites them to visit the office. Furthermore, the consultants can meet the clients at their homes.

Types of Wines

UKV offers the best Champagne, Burgundy, and Bordeaux. Some of the brands include Dom Perignon 2002, Lafite Rothschild 2008, Margaux 2007, Mouton Rothschild 2007, and Gruaud-Larose 2004. Other brands include Ducru Beaucaillou 2009, Haut Brion 2009, Cos d’Estournel 2004, and Ausone 2000.

UKV’s Social Media Approach

UKV has a Facebook page that is loaded with different wine pictures. This is a marketing strategy because consumers can interact with consultants through exchanging messages. The colorful pictures also show consumers the available brands. The company also has a Twitter account that educates readers. For instance, there is a post that encourages users to turn an empty wine bottle into home décor. There is also a post that illustrates ways of becoming a professional wine taster.

Sawyer Howitt Financing

There are a lot of people who are excited about changes that are coming to the future of business. Financing is one of the most important things that you can start to think about when it comes to start a company. Not only that, but Sawyer Howitt is one of the leading business minds in the world today. He is excited to help other people in their journey to start their own company. If you are looking for a mentor in the business world, he is going to help you get there.

Find Sawyer Howitt on Pinterest >>>

Financing is one of the most important concepts to understand in the world of business. A lot of new business ideas fail because they lack the capital strategy that is required to have success over the long term. According to Sawyer Howitt, this is a great way to get started in the world of business, especially as it relates to your long term success.

Want to learn more about Sawyer Howitt? Click here.

Arthur Becker: an Entrepreneur with Deep Interests in Photography

Arthur Becker is a senior executive at Madison Partners. He has a degree in arts from Bennington College. While at this school, Becker also acquired some in-depth knowledge in photography, ceramics, and pre-med. He later enrolled at Amos Tuck and studied a course in business administration.

Arthur Becker’s work experience

Before joining Madison Partners, Becker worked at Advance Partners, LLC, a firm that he helped establish in 1998. Four years later, he co-founded Atlantic Investors, a company that he grew into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Within two years, this company acquired three other businesses and Becker took over the management of one of the firms, NaviSite, LLC. He was the chief executive officer of this company until Madison Partners was formed. NaviSite was an internet technology service provider. Throughout his tenure in this business, he facilitated the secondary public offering and acquisitions of eight companies.

According to perezhilton.com, while still heading NaviSite, he took over the management of Vera Wang Group and helped it generate revenue of $15 million in only a year. He also enabled the company to partner up with a top United States retailer. Becker has also invested in biotechnology companies such as Acetylon. Additionally, he also invested at Zinio and was made the chairman of the firm. He has a vested interest in real estate, and he has developed properties in Third Avenue, Tribeca, Sullivan Street, and Redhook.

Arthur Becker’s photography works

Becker initiated his passion for photography in the 90’s. His goal was to create quality photographs with a high texture that stand out despite the camera’s lens constraints. Becker has been in the photography industry for the last two decades. Becker’s recent works revolve around images of currency with emphasis on luxury fashion brands and textural surfaces. He presents his artistic works in a poetic form, giving them an exquisite design. While in this line of work, he established macadamia nut orchard and founded Bnox in 1994. Bnox was actively involved in the development of affordable binoculars and telephoto cameras. Becker’s works have been featured in several galleries, such as the Hal Katzen, Morgan Walker Fine Art, and Arcature Fine Art.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art_Becker

The Growth of Fabletics in the E-Commerce Sector.

Kate Hudson is an accomplished entrepreneur who is the proprietor of the Fabletics. The company is focused on e-commerce, and the main products that it sells are comfortable and fashionable activewear. The clothes can be either worn to the gym or as normal casual wear. The company was created in 2013 and ever since, it has been dedicated to selling top quality and fashionable products that can make the clients confident and more active. Fabletics ensure that it offers the latest fashionable clothes by updating its products every month. The commodities that the e-commerce firm offers include bottoms, tops, socks, caps, hair ties, gym bags, hair bands, arm warmers, gloves, and several types of accessories.


Over the past decade, Amazon has been among the leading e-commerce companies. It presently runs over 20 percent of the online fashion market. Fabletics has been performing well in the e-commerce sector since it has an annual growth rate of approximately 35 percent. The enterprise is currently worth over $25 million despite staying on the market for about three years. Fabletics is becoming more popular each day since it keeps attracting more clients. Besides its online business, the company has 16 physical stores that are operational and plans to establish 12 more stores in various parts of the United States due to the rising demand for its products. Its new shops will be located in Hawaii, Florida, Illinois, and California. The company has been making significant profits due to excellent membership packages that it provides to the clients. It also personalizes various products that it offers at a relatively low price than its competitors.


Fabletics relates well with its clients due to its excellent customer service and the variety of memberships that it has. Its commitment to developing healthy relationships has enabled it to attract more individuals to shop at its stores. Anyone who wishes to subscribe as a member is needed to answer a 60 seconds quiz that is offered by the stylists. The questions that they ask are based on an individual’s social media, fashion choices, lifestyle, and customer experience. Fabletic has also been ensuring that it sells more products by using “reverse showrooming” tactic. This is whereby the invites the members to view its products, and therefore, they are likely to purchase the products that have been posted on the website. The employees of the firm understand its clients well since they associate with them closely.


During the registration process, Fabletics offer the customers an opportunity to inform it on their preference, which includes the size and style of the clothes that they need. New members receive products that are worth $49.95 in the first month. The activewear has a discount, and therefore, they are asked to pay $10 only. In the subsequent months, they still get remarkable discounts and are require to pay only $49.95 for clothes that are valued at double the price. The company allows its member to terminate their subscription for free. Individuals who have VIP membership enjoy privileges such as free delivery and are also offered may other goodies.