US Money Reserve Works with the Legendary Stan Lee for a New Coin Series

US Money Reserve is a United States based firm that deals platinum, silver and gold to more than 400,000 clients. The enterprise is entirely reliable on its relationship with clients and has therefore maximized on building trust in business transactions.

US Money Reserve has full time available customer care professionals who guide prospective buyers on the details pertaining the purchase of each merchandise. Since its establishment, thousands of people have increased their net value by diversifying their assets to include the precious metals.

US Money Reserve has internationally acclaimed high quality platinum, silver and gold with full certification from the United States government. The products are manufactured by the United States Mint and undergo extensive screening to verify the correct purity, weight and content are achieved.

US Money Reserve has shipped over two million-dollar coins to customers, making up a total of more than one billion dollar worth of shipments. The firm is under the expert leadership of the former US Mint director, Phillip N. Diehl, who continues to offer exemplary services in the trade and manufacture of the three metals.

In 2017, US Money Reserve launched a Spiderman inspired coin series. The announcement took place at the Stan Lee Comic Con event in Los Angeles on October 27th.

The coins will be available in gold and silver and have the embodiment of Spiderman against a brick wall. The quality of the coins is labeled museum-quality 70 or 69 with a certification of authenticity from the United States government. Read more: US Money Reserve | Buiilt in Austin and US Money Reserve | Crunchbase

The co-creator of Spiderman Stan Lee worked in close collaboration with US Money Reserve and Liechtenstein Coin Invest Trust to produce impeccable 1 oz. high quality gold coins. He stated that the opportunity was an honor to his career, explaining that having his signature engrossed in the coins was the most exciting bit of the deal.

The US Money Reserve president Phillip Diehl remarked that deal’s end goal was to satisfy the needs of all their customers using the most appraised urban legends.

Angela Koch who serves as US Money Reserve’s CEO had a similar reaction to the launch of the coin series. She explained that the firm’s marketing team did an amazing job at educating the public on its newest merchandise. Angela added that the team ensured the team displayed the innovative and visionary abilities included in the process.

US Reserve worked with Legendary Precious Metals to enact a catchy and interactive display booth. The booth allows visitors to have a fully reactive experience walking through the stand. The booth was open for viewing between October 27th and 29th.

Orange Coast College Transforms Lives Through Education

The Orange Coast College, OCC, is about to get a new planetarium. This follows a $1 million donation from a retired professor, Mary McChesney. The funds will go towards building a unique pendulum at the college to demonstrate the rotation of the earth around the sun. The development makes the college a scientific research center for students and the local community. Speaking during the donation, the former don promised an exciting future at the institute she loves.



The donation is in honor of her late partner, also an instructor at the college. Mary McChesney has taught English and Spanish at the college for more than three decades. She has previously supported the learning institution through the Orange Coast College Foundation as well as direct scholarships. The planetarium’s construction started in 2016 after the old one was brought down.



The project hopes to build a cutting-edge research center that leverages today’s technology to deliver better experiences to students and the research community in the area. The new planetarium has an auditorium that is four times bigger than the old one. It is estimated to cost around $20 million and is expected to open in the fall of 2018.





The OCC sits on an expansive campus in Costa Mesa in Southern California. The community college was founded in 1947 and has grown to attract over twenty-five thousand new students every semester. It offers a diverse range of learning programs including technology, a nautical school and numerous technical education programs. It is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.



The OCC is a critical hub in the education pipeline in the region. It empowers a large number of students to advance to the University of California as well as numerous private universities across the country. The OCC Foundation supports the college through gifts, treasures, and talent from former students and the local community. Learn more:



The foundation has been instrumental in key developments at the learning institution. It has supported the building of an Arts Pavilion, a theatre, a children’s center, a nautical library as well as renovations to the Sailing Center and Computing hub. Dennis Harkins, the President of one of the best community colleges in the country, is passionate about using education to transform lives. Learn more:



Securus Technologies Working for the Betterment of Prison Security

The importance of communication technologies in prisons should not be underestimated. No matter for what reasons the prisoners are in jail, they too need to feel like humans and not objects. Securus Technologies is in the business of providing advanced communication technology in prisons. There are many benefits to the services that they provide. It allows the prisoners to remain in contact with their families and assure them not to worry about them. It also makes them less prone to getting into fights inside the prison. The prison management too enjoys many benefits as they can record all phone calls and ensure that nothing is out of place. Many times, these phone calls help them crack cases that would otherwise be impossible. While other companies are charging high rates for calls, Securus Technologies is one of those that believe in doing something good for the prisoners, the prison management, and the society.


I worked at a prison facility and was one of the team members who was appointed to look into the services of Securus Technologies and to evaluate if they are appropriate for the prison. I visited their technological department were we were briefed about their different products and services. After we signed the contract, the implementation process was quite simple and easy. We were able to see the benefits of their services within a week after the installations. One case that has been pending with us was solved using the calls that we were able to monitor.


After a few weeks, they also introduced their video visitation services in our prison that reduced our workload to a great extent. We had to appoint fewer guards to take the prisoners to the visitation area and back. In all, I can say that Securus Technologies is one of the top prison technology companies to work with.

JHSF and José Auriemo Neto – Experts on All Things Markets

It’s no secret that JHSF and José Auriemo Neto dominate the real estate playing field in Brazil and beyond. In fact, it would be no surprise to find that the experts at JHSF have nearly found every product, market and selling point out there – thus kicking any remaining competitors to a curb. It would likewise be no surprise to find that the business has done its research on all levels – even in the most seemingly insignificant realm of property building materials and products, those upon which their locations are founded and by which they retain or increase in their value altogether.

JHSF can now share a few key factors that any new real estate professional should consider when constructing his new property. Though an agency may not play a direct role in how each property is built, it may allocate a set of blueprints and materials upon which the builders may construct. Thus, it’s important to only use the best products for lasting value – even when it comes down to the 360 Edger:

Main Features to Look for

  • Feature 1 – Cutting size: 9″ blades; 2″ trimming
  • Feature 2 – Weight: Weighs approximately 139 lbs.
  • Feature 3 – Curb Hop: Easiest action upon curbs


  • Feature 1 – Carries a traditional feel
  • Feature 2 – It’s modern but old-fashioned.
  • Feature 3 – Engine made by Subaru


  • Feature 1 – It’s annoying to startup.
  • Feature 2 – It can get loud.
  • Feature 3 – Safety glasses are required.


Mike Baur’s contributions to startup businesses in Switzerland

Mike Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur and industrialist. Baur is also the co-founder and managing partner of Swiss Start up Factory. He started out in the banking sector for over 20 years, and between those years; he worked his way up from a commercial intern at USB to an administrative board member of a big Swiss Private Bank. He quit banking to begin investing in start-up companies before joining up with his partners Max Meister and Oliver Walzer in 2014 to found Swiss Start up Factory.


Swiss Start up Factory under Baur has grown to become the number one self-governing and privately funded early stage ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. In January 2016, Baur was named deputy managing director of CTI invest when his company partnered with CTI. He also led Swiss Start up Factory through its accelerator program with Goldback Group in the beginning of 2016 and also its partnership with Fintech Fusion in February of the same year.


Mike, who holds an MBA from the University of Rochester, New York as well as an Executive MBA from the University of Berne, dedicates a lot of his time in the entrepreneurship of the youth in Swiss, apart from supporting various Swiss Startups both monetarily and as their adviser.


Under the guidance of Baur, Swiss Startup Factory provides a three-month accelerator program that includes: monetary services, training and mentoring, access to large innovative and stakeholder network as well as agency space. When it comes to providing agency space, the company offers you great working areas that ultimately become a source of parallel personalities that can construct and share influences with your business. It provides the agency spaces at reasonable prices with abundant benefits such as a meeting room, a welcome area, Nespresso bar, free Wi-Fi services, showers and fitness rooms, mailbox and post services as well as out-and-out storage room.


Accounting and finances are the very important for a startup business and, therefore, Baur and his team decided to also assist start up with their bookkeeping. The services that the company provides in line with accounting include personnel and bill management, fiscal statements, tax and VAT reporting, cash flow reports, progress and monetary health reviews.


Since inception the company a little over two years ago, Baur has managed to bring up several startup companies that include: Struckd, Blinkers, Carhelper and Beaconsmind.


The company has a mission to provide young Switzerland capitalists with expert platforms that are proficient and that will guide them through a dedicated and commerce driven process from start to finish with aspiring milestones.

Logan Stout’s Success

Logan Stout is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and a well-known trainer for people who need to know about business leadership skills. His most recent accomplishment is a company he founded known as IDLife, which is a total fitness and nutritional company. His celebrity partners are Jen Widerstrom and Troy Aikman.

Logan himself comes from a sports based background also. A former professional baseball player, he has played in the world series a total of 10 times and is also the founder of the now famous Premier Baseball Academy. It has gained fame quickly as an indoor baseball Institute of sorts where people go to learn all things baseball. Training is provided for developing arm velocity, batting techniques, private lessons, situational awareness training and other skills needed to excel in baseball.

As a public speaker, Logan Stout is capable of drawing stadium size crowds. This is because of his impressive CV which also includes time spent in the ministry. Part of the reason why he is invited to speak around the world is that the success of his book “Stout Advice; Secrets of building yourself, people and teams quickly” is a worldwide favorite.

All this success did not happen overnight and can be traced back to his school days. Born and raised in Richardson, Texas he attended J.J. Pearce High school where he was very active in sports and the student body council. He played Varsity level baseball as well as basketball and excelled in both games by getting the MVP title.

His winning streak went right through college where he graduated from Panola with a business degree as a Summa Cum Laude. After graduating college he played professional baseball with the Fort Worth Cats. He also pursued his passion for coaching young people in baseball and went on to start the Dallas Patriots Select Baseball Organization. He currently lives in the suburbs of Dallas along with his wife and two children.

Learn more about Logan Stout:

Hussain Sajwani Thrives in the Real Estate Sector

Hussein Sajwani started his entrepreneurship journey in the food service business. His business attracted Bechtel, a construction giant, as well as the U.S. military. His expertise in the food business enabled him to cultivate great friendships with people in high places.


In 2002, Hussain Sajwani founded Damac, a residential, commercial, and leisure real estate developer headquartered in Dubai, UAE. By then, the Dubai government had passed a decree that permitted foreigners to possess assets in the emirate empire. His prospective buyers were mainly the non-Emiratis. Sajwani purchased land in an underdeveloped area where he wanted to build a 38-storey residential house. From that time, Hussein Sajwani has put up numerous buildings that portray Dubai’s image as a glittering destination. Damac is mostly associated with glitzy properties, attractive marketing stunts, and glamorous golf courses.


At the beginning of 2013, Hussain Sajwani teamed up with Donald Trump to put up two golf courses under Trump’s name. The first golf course was launched in February 2017 and the second, which was designed by Tiger Woods, is set to be launched in 2018. The first was established at the Akoya residential development, while the second one will be on a separate Damac development. According to Donald trump, Sajwani is a very amazing man. He praised him in a press conference after he was elected as the president of the United States.


Damac was caught off guard in the 2008 economic crash. However, he acted promptly and reduced the overhead costs so as to preserve cash for the subsequent year. Damac was able to get through the crisis by controlling costs, careful husbanding of money and reining in some developments. Currently, Damac’s operations are based on three principles. First and foremost, the firm does not hold debts for land acquired. Secondly, all the escrow accounts operate independently; there is no transfer of money from one account to the other. Thirdly, the firm retains cash reserves, in either government bonds or fixed reserves, adequate to fund construction in case the market turns.


In 2013, Damac owner, Hussain donated 2 million AED to an organization aiming to provide clothes to more than one million children worldwide. Hussain also boosts the government’s efforts in helping the less unfortunate members of the society. Damac is a family business that is headed by the Hussain Sajwani family. According to Sajwani, his son will be his next successor.


To learn more, visit

Talk Fusion Helping Businesses to Thrive

Recently Talk Fusion rebranded HuffPost ( The main aim of HuffPost is to tell the stories of the individuals who are left out in a conversation. The initiatives of HuffPost resound with the mission of Bob Reiner as the figurehead and contributor to Talk Fusion. Reiner has contributed to the HuffPost since 2016. He has made a diverse of contributions from entrepreneurship to the skillful selling and self-development. He claimed to be glad that the platform was able to deal with the important things like fulfillment and culture. Reiner claims that he believes in innovation and that he aims at setting people to succeed regardless of their work history or their backstory. Learn more:


Talk Fusion was founded in the year 2007. It was established by founder and CEO, Bob Reiner. It was formed with the aim of bringing individuals together using the power of video. It is the household of the sphere’s initial all-in-one video advertising Solution. They aim at assisting the businesses to stand out from the competition they have. They will help these companies to increase their profit and to ensure that the client s keep coming back. They offer dynamic solutions to make the advertising more memorable, appealing and persuasive. They do this by using video.


Talk Fusion, as a company, has a solid guarantee to giving back to the household, societies, the friends, and the animal donations all through the globe. In the years following the establishment of the firm, it has changed the way individuals communicate and market the businesses they have. They use the Video Email and Video Newsletters. The company introduced the use of new incentives, the powerhouse three-in-one video broadcast, and also custom plates. The newest products include the revolutionary WebRTC technology. They introduced the first Instant Pay Compensation Plan. They follow the uppermost principled commercial practices. They are an affiliate of the high-status Direct Selling Association (DSA). Learn more:


The innovative products of Talk Fusion are advertised person-to-person. Autonomous Associates usually do this. These products are marketed in over 140 countries. They also have an offer of a 30 day free trial for those individuals who want to try the Video Marketing Solution before they buy it. Learn more:

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Going After The Giant Amazon

Amazon has been comfortably raking in huge amounts of cash in the online apparel market. They have been in the dominant spot for years in this niche, pulling in well over 20 percent of all the sales made here. That appears to be something that may be changing if Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has anything to say about it. In only three years, Fabletics has scaled that mountain that Amazon is sitting on and have generated over $250 million in sales of workout apparel and active-wear.


When they reached out to Hudson for comment about how her company was able to grow so fast so quickly, she responds that it has to do with the quality of her athleisure brand, the sales process called reverse showrooming, and her unique membership plan. These aren’t new concepts in the world of clothing sales, but the way that Hudson and her company have balanced them is really attracting an audience eager to get involved with the sales process. Looking at how things transpire at the local mall, we see the Fabletics store is packed with women of all ages who are trying on all the latest arrivals, taking the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz to further enhance the membership, and window-shopping without sales pressure.


To see the money rolling in, you need to take a closer look at what happens when these customers head to the Fabletics website. Having already tried on the yoga pants, leggings, or tank tops while at the mall, each one of those pieces is then transferred to the customer’s online profile. Since they tried on the clothing and know how it flatters their body, all that is left to do is scan the site for new colors, styles, and arrivals, and keep loading up that shopping cart. Compare that to when these same women are shopping at sites like Amazon or eBay, you pick one item, pay to have it shipped, and hope it fits. When it doesn’t, you ship it back and repeat this time-consuming process until you get the pieces you like.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is all about convenience, but the member benefits don’t stop there. Fabletics membership also includes the assistance of your own personal shopper, discounted pricing on merchandise, and even free shipping for everything you purchase online. By making it easier for these women to buy active-wear and workout apparel, you get them to spend more money.

Logan Stout’s IDLife Announces A Strategic Business Partnership With Garmin International

IDLife LLC has announced a business partnership with Garmin International Inc. The partnership will see customers of the health and wellness company having easy access to Garmin products, including Garmin IndexTM Smart Scale and a line of vivo activity trackers. Garmin International Inc. is a unit of Garmin LTD. The company develops wearable technology. The purchases will be made directly from IDLife’s website, Logan Stout, IDLife’s founder and CEO, made the announcement.

IDLife’s clients will also enjoy full integration of Garmin wearable data into their IDWellness mobile app. The integration is expected to be completed in the next few months. This service will provide customers with a unique opportunity to efficiently manage their health and wellness from a single platform. The partnership will promote both companies’ businesses.

IDLife focuses on helping people with their quest to enjoy healthy lifestyles. The company achieves this objective by providing them with the best-customized vitamins and nutritional products. The quality of the products has ensured that the firm’s clients experience results that are lasting.

Through its recently launched IDLife Experience, the company has developed three steps to help the public stay healthy. The clients of IDLife will be able to monitor each of the procedures daily.

The partnership between IDLife and Garmin was enabled by the two organizations’ belief in the fact that being healthy is not just based on what the scale says, but being able to lead a healthy lifestyle. Garmin’s Index Smart Scale is an example of a product that focuses on the well being of its clients. Besides displaying one’s weight, the product provides vast information such as body mass index (BMI), water percentage, body fat, and skeletal muscle mass. The device is Wi-Fi enabled.

About Logan Stout
Logan Stout is a shrewd entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and renowned author. Logan is a former professional athlete. He has appeared in the World Series as a player and coach. The alumnus of the celebrated University of Dallas graduated with a degree in business and psychology.

Logan Stout has vast experience in starting and running successful businesses. He is also the founder and CEO of Dallas Patriots Inc. and premier Baseball Academy. In 2013, Logan incorporated Defining Success. His insights have been featured on leading publications such as the New York Times, Philadelphia Life Magazine and The Dallas Morning News.